Icon 2024 Conference: Conservation for Change

2nd - 3rd July 2024


Welcome to Icon24: Conservation for Change

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Join us for two transformative days at the conservation event of the year. Embark on a journey of innovation and inspiration at the forefront of conservation as we delve deeper into the vital role conservation plays in shaping both our sector and wider society. Icon24 will bring together speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors about to explore the importance of conservation in the preservation of our history and heritage.  This year’s conference is built around the key themes of:

  • Impact and Performance 
  • Partnerships and Collaborations 
  • Engaging Your Audiences 
  • Workforce Development 
  • Future Resilience and Sustainability 

Why Attend?

  • Inspiration Beyond Boundaries: Hear from inspiring leaders and experts as they share their experiences of how conservation can support positive change.
  • Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow: Explore the latest innovations that are revolutionising the conservation landscape. From cutting-edge technologies to sustainable practices, Icon24 is your gateway to the future of conservation.
  • Connect with Diverse Delegates: Engage with a diverse array of delegates, from industry trailblazers to passionate advocates. Make the most of the networking opportunities to build connections that go beyond disciplines and ignite collaborative initiatives.
  • Key Partnerships, Endless Possibilities: Forge strategic partnerships with key players in the conservation arena. Icon24 provides a unique platform to collaborate with influencers, organisations, and industry partners, unlocking new opportunities for impactful change.
  • Educational Insights: Benefit from in-depth keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions that delve into the significant contributions of conservation within the sector and society at large. Acquire knowledge to drive meaningful change back in your own organisation or business.
  • Champion Why Conservation Matters: Become an advocate for the broader societal impact of conservation and how our involvement can positively contribute to it. Icon24 is your chance to be part of a movement that is more than just individual actions.

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Contact Conference Co-organisers, Jo Boardman or Fran Stovold on [email protected]

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of Icon24. Join us in shaping a future that recognises, embraces, and values the impact and effect conservation has on society and the preservation of our history and heritage.

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