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From instruments to industrial machines, cultural, technical and social values of dynamic objects evolve and change from their time of production until they reach a status of historical object. The Dynamic Objects Network was initiated by conservators of horological objects, with the aim of involving others in the care, maintenance and conservation-restoration of all types of mechanical device meant to have or have had moving parts.


The objective of our Network to promote four aims:

  • To define a general approach to the conservation of dynamic objects on a professional level, irrespective of whether they are still running or are now static. This includes the process of being changed from one state to the other.
  • To promote the conservation of dynamic objects to the general public: this includes promoting an understanding of what cultural dynamic objects are, how conserving them respects their cultural, historical and social values as much as their materials, and why this demands a specific set of knowledge and skills.
  • To prepare guidelines to support the conservation of dynamic objects.
  • To support the professional development of conservators within this discipline.