Resources for Emerging Professionals

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Research / CPD / Study



Other Resources

  • The Conservator’s Podcast:  Podcast discussing various things from the perspective of conservation professionals, from museum trends and new technology to the big issues like pay and staying safe at work 
  • CCI and Chin Podcast: Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) interview staff members and key figures within the fields of conservation and collections management. 
  • Icon Continuing Professional Development: Resources to aid with continuing professional development, including a development route map, CPD guide, activity log and ideas 
  • Museums + Heritage Advisor: an independent events and publishing company created to connect, inform and inspire which run an independent online magazine and directory and host the Museums + Heritage Show, an annual free-to-attend event, to build knowledge, network with colleagues and source new products and services.  
  • The Art of the Conservator: Facebook group for conservators to network and share resources regarding the conservation and preservation of cultural heritage 
  • Icon’s Student Project Gallery: A space for conservation students to share and promote their work 

You can also download all the resources above as a pdf:

Resources for Emerging Professionals - complete list