About us

Icon Documentation Network is a forum for conservators to discuss how to improve and share our records about condition, treatment and research

We are members of Icon who are interested in conservation documentation as a separate conservation sub-domain. We believe that documentation is an integral part of conservation work and should not be seen separately. We also believe that the advent of technology requires a more focused approach to the development of tools and methodologies for documentation.

We organize regular meetings, twice a year (including online participants).

Our current areas of focus are:

  • Developing guidelines and examples of best practice for documentation
  • Developing a forum for sharing best practices
  • Assessing and improving teaching around conservation
  • Strengthening links with key stakeholders in conservation documentation

To learn more, read our article: Why conservators need good documentation. To get involved, please contact Athanasios Velios.

Developing best practice

It is a stated aim of the Documentation Network to develop guidelines and examples of best practice for conservation documentation. Towards this end, some of our members have developed a survey to establish current trends in conservation documentation practice in the UK, in order to better understand how the Icon Documentation Network can best support development in this field.

Please access the survey by following this link.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and responses are anonymous, although participants will have the option of sharing their email address at the end, should they be happy to answer follow-up questions.