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The Icon Emerging Professional Network (EPN) aims to bring together and offer support for students and emerging conservation professionals

The Icon Emerging Professional Network (EPN) aims to bring together and offer support for students and emerging conservation professionals. We aim to reach mainly conservation students, and conservators in the first five years of their careers. However, this does not mean that the network is closed to those outside of this group, and we hope anyone who feels that the network can help them will join. 

Network Objectives 

  • To create discussion between members and the wider conservation community relating to the experience of the emerging conservation professional when seeking  employment.
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge and collaboration between emerging and established conservation professionals, and the sharing of research among different academic and heritage institutions.  We will also look at ways to facilitate better access to conferences, workshops and other resources that can benefit career development in conservation. 
  • To facilitate communication among the group by providing a platform for emerging conservation professionals to discuss and share their experiences and knowledge with other members of the network. 


Diversity and Inclusion Statement

My name is Camella and I am the equality, diversity and inclusion officer for Icon's Emerging Professional Network. We are a group of individuals with a diverse range of specialities in the field of conservation. To learn more about our team please click here.

Massive changes have taken place and continue to take place in the way cultural heritage is cared for by conservators. However, it is important to note that the demographics of conservators have remained relatively unchanged. As a network we dedicate time and make space for discussing equality, diversity and inclusion. We believe it is important to carry this forward in everything we do.

Icon's values are highlighted here. The Emerging Professionals Network is committed to making sure we uphold these values through the work we carry out and the relationships we form.

Camella Ramjet, Icon EPN Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Officer


If you would like to learn more about the work we are doing or reach out to our team, please email us at: [email protected]


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