CPD Documents

CPD Documents

Taking time to focus on your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for all conservators regardless of where you are in your career. Thoroughly reflecting on your professional practice and considering the context in which you're working in will help you identify the most appropriate goals for you. 

Below we have included a series of documents and guides that you will find useful when planning your own Continuing Professional Development. 


CPD Guide


Suitable for all professionals, the guide outlines the purpose of CPD, and guidance to review before completing the CPD Review documentation. 


CPD Review Forms


Forms to use to undertake a full CPD review. This form is designed for the Accredited member CPD recall, however it can be used by all members when undertaking their own CPD review. 


CPD activity log


Planning, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of activities you have undertaken is essential. The CPD Log sheet can be used for each activity you undertake and can help you keep on top of what it is that you have done, what you have learned and what you should do next.