Accredited Members

Icon’s accreditation framework provides peer review recognition for the skills and experience of conservation professionals

Accredited Members

An accredited member of Icon (ACR) will have been through a robust professional practice assessment process to demonstrate that they have met the ‘proficient’ level of Icon’s Professional Standards. It is a professional qualification designed to be of an equivalent standard to other professions, including the chartered professions.

An Icon Accredited Member is required to maintain their professional practice on an ongoing basis. New ACRs will use Section 4 of the application form as the foundation for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records and plans.  

Icon has a responsibility to review these CPD records through a regular Recall Process, continuing the peer review process, which is carried out at intervals throughout the accredited membership lifetime. 

CPD provides a framework with which to measure ongoing development and plan professional direction. There are plenty of opportunities available through Icon to help an Icon Accredited Member develop.