About us

Icon Stained Glass Group is dedicated to the study and conservation of stained glass

Call for Stained Glass Group Committee Members

The SGG are seeking candidates to join the group Committee and we would be delighted to hear from any members interested in stepping up to help run our group. 

This year three of our members are due to step down as they have completed their election terms.  Two of these positions are on the Executive Board.  Our current Chair and Treasurer, Sarah and Laura, have already extended their terms to provide cover during the pandemic, and would now like to offer these positions for election.  Please see the attached role descriptions.

The deadline for applications is the 30th September. Please send a statement declaring your interest and experience, with a CV to [email protected]

Elections will be held via online Survey and the results announced at our AGM on 29th October. 


Job-Description-Chair SGG.docx Job-Description-Treasurer SGG.docx


The aims of the Icon Stained Glass Group are:

  • To support and contribute to the aims and aspirations of Icon, as set out in its constitution and annual strategy documents and work-plans
  • To disseminate information on stained glass conservation and care of stained and painted glass in a concise and accessible form to colleagues within the heritage sector, and the general public, in partnership with Icon as a whole
  • To provide the SGG membership with a range of professional services including some or all of the following: the holding of study visits, training sessions, seminars and conferences to share and advance practice, the publication of articles and papers in Icon News and the Journal of the Institute of Conservation, the provision of advice through the network of the group, the creation of links to other bodies and to act as a voice for the Group as a professional sub-group of Icon as required
  • To work towards the development of education and training with the discipline and to support the Icon Accreditation scheme and other Icon educational initiatives
  • To promote stained glass conservation and the care of stained and painted glass, and support and foster approaches to best practice
  • To contribute to and comment on consultation papers and other documents andreports within the group’s sphere of knowledge and competence

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