Host an Icon Internship

Hosting an Icon Internship 

Are you looking to host an internship? Taking on an intern through the Icon Internship Programme and providing support to someone developing their career in conservation is an incredibly rewarding experience. Icon will provide support every step of the way, from recruitment and helping you to select the right candidate through to ongoing support for the intern and the host organisation throughout the internship. 


What is an internship?

An internship is a structured work placement of up to 12 months (but occasionally longer) which allows a student or recent graduate to develop their practical skills and experience to enable them to make the step into paid employment. An intern must not be used to replace salaried staff. Remuneration for any Icon Intern must be at least £17,000 p.a. (or pro rata if appropriate). 

How does it work?

Icon will provide support every step of the way, from recruitment through to ongoing support for you and your intern throughout their time with you. 

Recruitment: Icon will lead on advertising and promoting your internship, we will also support the interview process to help ensure you find the right candidate for you. 

Payments: Icon manage formal contracts and payments to the interns throughout their internship. 

Intern Advisors: We have several extremely dedicated and knowledgeable intern advisors who will meet with you and your intern on a quarterly basis throughout the internships to: 

  • Support the intern in their professional development and work with them through their reporting and development against the Icon Professional Standards.
  • Meet with the supervisor to ensure that they are fully supported throughout. 


The package of support is broken down into the costs for the intern's busary, recruitment, Intern Advisor support and overall management of the programme. 


Icon is not able to provide the funding to support internships, however we would be pleased to work with you and offer support with a funding application. 

However, there are many funders who have provided vital support to this programme over the years. A good place to start is by checking out the Heritage Craft Funders Network list of funders to see if your project would be eligible.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]. We can then arrange a time to talk and run through the programme and any questions you have.