Our Committee

The Ceramics and Glass Group Committee is currently recruiting for the following roles: 

Group Chair: CGG Chairs are typically recruited from within the existing committee. However, we have agreed that bringing in a new experienced conservator would benefit the members most. The primary responsibilities of the role are to: chair three or four committee meetings a year, to chair the group AGM, and to represent the interests of our group members at two annual Chairs Forums. Joining the committee as Chair is a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership and communication skills. CGG Committee meetings, Group AGMs and Chairs Forums have typically been held in London, but all meetings are currently being held online.

We would like to thank the members who recently stepped down from the Committee for their hard work supporting the group.​

Dana Norris

Events Coordinator - Term ends at 2023 AGM, Icon Ceramics and Glass Group

Dana is co-owner of Watt and Norris Conservation, an independent conservation company based in Oxford with expertise in the conservation of ceramics, glass and enamelled metals.

Her background includes a four-year BFA in Ceramic Art awarded in 2002, followed by two years conservation training in Ceramics and Related Materials graduating in 2006. She currently works part time as a PhD student in the Forensic Institute at Cranfield University researching the technology and conservation of Chinese enamels on metal. In 2012 Dana successfully completed the PACR process; she was co-opted to the CCG committee as Secretary in 2016 before being nominated for Chair in 2017. 

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Emily Thomas

Secretary - Term ends at the 2022 AGM, Icon Ceramics and Glass Group

Emily is a Conservator at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. Previously, she has worked as a ceramic conservator/restorer at Antique Conservation Ltd. and she has also worked for Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum and the British Museum.

Since joining the ICON Ceramics and Glass Group committee in 2017, she has worked as an Events Coordinator, helping to develop and organise educational events and conferences for the group’s members, she then moved into the Secretary role in 2019. Emily has an MA in Conservation Studies from West Dean College (2018) and BA in Fine Art from the University of Leeds (2010).

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Holly Daws

Treasurer​ - Term ends at 2023 AGM, Icon Ceramics and Glass Group

Holly is a ceramic conservator/restorer, working with a range of clients including Plowden and Smith, TO Conservation and Kirsten Ramsay Ceramic Restoration and Conservation.

Holly achieved an MA in Conservation Studies from West Dean College in 2018. Since joining the ICON Ceramics and Glass Group committee in 2016, she has held the position of Treasurer, managing the finances for group events and conferences. 

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Lily Griffin

Student Representative - Term ends at 2023 AGM, Icon Ceramics and Glass Group

Lily is a postgraduate student, with an archaeological background, coming to the end of her first year on the MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums at UCL.

Last year she completed the MA in Principles of Conservation, also at UCL. During both years she has acted as Student Representative for the conservation courses and has recently joined a team of students
running the social media for UCL Conservation.  She has experience of working in the collections care and conservation departments at a range of museums, including the Ashmolean, Museum of London, and Imperial War Museums. Additionally, she has been very involved with the educational departments of these museums and she is passionate about spreading awareness and accessibility of conservation in museums to younger generations. Lily particularly enjoys working with archaeological collections and has undertaken some complex treatments on ceramic and glass artefacts. She has also completed analytical research projects on the conservation history of ceramics from UCL Collections and the impact of conservation on future scientific analysis of archaeological

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Marisa Kalvins

Publications Editor - Term ends at 2023 AGM, Icon Ceramics and Glass Group

Marisa is an Objects Conservator, currently working at the Science Museum, with a particular interest in ceramics conservation.

Previously, she has worked in the private sector for studios such as Toronto Art Restoration and PJD Ceramics Ltd. During this period, she completed projects for numerous institutions including the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea Museum and the National Trust, alongside work for private collectors. She has also completed a yearlong ICON internship in ceramics conservation at the British Museum. Marisa holds a MSc in Conservation Practice from Cardiff University (2013) and a BScH in Geography and Art History from Queen’s University, Canada (2010).

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Miriam Orsini

Nigel William Prize Coordinator - Term ends at 2023 AGM, Icon Ceramics and Glass Group

Miriam is an Objects Conservator currently working for Gardens, Libraries and Museums of the University of Oxford (GLAM).

She has previously worked at the Ashmolean Museum, the British Museum (Ceramics, Glass and Metals Conservation Section), the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Miriam holds an MSc and an MA in Conservation from the Institute for Archaeology (UCL), and a BA in Art Conservation and Restoration from the Florence Fine Art Academy L.A.B.A. Miriam has collaborated with ICCROM and non-profit organisations Heritage Without Borders and Cultural Heritage Without Borders delivering conservation training at various museums in Sudan, Kosovo, Lebanon and Kazakhstan. Miriam was co-opted onto the committee in 2019 and has previously covered the role of Publications Editor.

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Shannon Campbell

Events Coordinator - Term ends at 2023 AGM, Icon Ceramics and Glass Group

Shannon has recently completed her MA in the Conservation of Musuem and Archaeological Objects from Durham University.

Since September 2019, she has been working within the artefact conservation team at National Museums Scotland. She has an enduring interest in glass and ceramic artefacts and has consistently sought out opportunities to engage with this specialism. In 2019, she was awarded a place on a British School at Athens course, focusing on archaeological glass.

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