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All Pathway members are able to benefit from the support of a dedicated Icon Mentor to support you in your professional development and progress along the Pathway. Mentors offer ongoing support while working towards the accreditation application and assessment process but can also provide much broader support as required. 

There are over 80 trained Icon mentors, all of whom are Accredited members of Icon (ACR). Mentors with experience of the Icon accreditation process are available for Pathway members. 

As a Pathway member of Icon you can request to work with an Icon Mentor at any time unless you are within 6 months of applying for Accreditation, as such we would recommend that you consider applying for a mentor as soon as you become a Pathway member. 

Why work with a mentor? 

  • Support from an Accredited member of Icon who has been through the Icon Accreditation process themselves.
  • Helping you to reflect on your professional practice and to identify areas for development.
  • Support in preparing your application for Accreditation to help you consider whether you are providing the right evidence in order to be ready for Accreditation. 
  • Challenge you to ensure you are presenting the best evidence and can articulate how it meets the requirements of the Professional Standards. 
  • Help you to get ready for your Assessment visit. 

Choosing the right mentor

You can choose based on specialism, geography and type of support that you need - the best mentor for you might not work in the same area of practice as you - this can in fact be beneficial as they may be able to help ensure you fully explain how your work is meeting the Professional Standards. 

Given that our mentors are all volunteers, we ask that you select three options so that we can ensure we get the right support for you - it is not always possible to match you to your top choice - we may offer further options, however you will always have the final say to ensure you are happy with your mentor. 

Apply for a mentor

To apply a mentor, please complete the application below. As part of the application you are required to choose a top 3 list of mentors from the Mentor List. Please remember that all Icon Mentors are volunteers, and as such it may not be possible to match you with your first choice.  

Mentors requests will be dealt with in first weeks of  February, May, August, and November 2023

Deadline 1: Thursday 1 February 2024
Deadline 2: Wednesday 1 May 2024
Deadline 3: Thursday 1 August 2024
Deadline 4: Friday November 2024

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List of Icon Mentors

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