Care of Collections Resources

A virtual bookshelf of useful resources for the care of collections


  • Beginner: Manual of Housekeeping - The National Trust
  • IntermediateBenchmarks in Collection Care
  • Intermediate: Pest Management: A practical guide, Pinniger, D. , 2008, Collections Trust, Cambridge
  • Intermediate: Preventive Conservation in Museums. Caple, C. (2012). Leicester Readers in Museum Studies. Oxford: Routledge.



  • Beginner: The National Trust Manual of Housekeeping: the Care of Collections in Historic Houses Open to the Public, Bendix, C. and N. Pickwoad, ‘Books’, (Oxford: Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann, 2005) 475-487
  • Intermediate: ‘Dust in historic libraries’ Lloyd, H., Bendix, C., Brimblecombe, P. and D. Thickett, Museum Microclimates, eds. T. Padfield and K. Borchersen, (Copenhagen: The National Museum of Denmark, 2007) 135-144
  • Intermediate: Impact of Dust on our Collections - The National Archives
  • Expert: ‘Investigating and monitoring dust’ International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) International Preservation News No.53, May 2011

Emergency planning

Environmental monitoring

  • Expert: Climate for Collections: Standards and Uncertainties (Postprints of the Munich Climate Conference 7-9 November 2012) edited by Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Andreas Burmester and Melanie Eibl, Archetype Publications Ltd., London, 2013, 452pp. ISBN: 978-1-909492-00-4


  • Intermediate: Contemporary Conservation Theory - Salvador Munoz Vinas, Routledge (2012)
  • Intermediate: Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths - Alison Richmond and Alison Bracker (Eds) 2009
  • Intermediate: Historical and Philosophical Issues in the Conservation of Cultural heritage ( Readings in Conservation) - Getty 2006
  • Intermediate: Conservation Skills: Judgement, method and Decision Making - Chris Cable, Routledge (2000)
  • Intermediate: National Trust Conservation Principles
  • Intermediate: Conservation principles - Historic England




  • Intermediate: Museum Lighting - A Guide for Conservators and Curators, Saunders, G., Getty Publications, 2020



  • Beginner: Introduction to Museum Pests - Museum of London, et al.
  • Beginner: Pest Odyssey
  • Intermediate: Buggy Biz: integrated pest management in collections, Brokerhof, A. W. et al., 2007. Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (NICH), Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Intermediate: Insect Pests found in Historic Houses and Museums - English Heritage
  • Intermediate: Integrated pest management for collections: proceedings of 2001: a Pest Odyssey, Kingsley, H. et al, eds., 2001, James & James: London.
  • Intermediate: Pest Management: A practical guide, Pinniger, D. , 2008, Collections Trust, Cambridge
  • Intermediate: Pest management in museums, archives and historic houses, Pinniger, D., 2001. Archetype, London,
  • Intermediate: What's Eating Your Collection - Collections Trust, Birmingham Museums
  • Expert: Conservation of cultural heritage — Integrated pest management (IPM) for protection of cultural heritage, BS EN 16790:2016
  • Expert: Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage, by David Pinniger,Archetype Publications, ISBN 978-1-909492-22-6, 2015.
  • Expert: Integrated Pest Management in Museum, Library and Archival Facilities: A Step by Step Approach for the Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance of an Integrated Pest Management Program, Harmon, J. D., 1993, Harmon Preservation Pest Management: Indianapolis
  • Expert: Pesticide mitigation in museum collections : science in conservation : proceedings from the MCI workshop series, Charola, E. A. and Koestler , R. J., 2010, Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute Workshop on Pesticide Mitigation (2007 : Washington, D.C.), Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press: Washington D.C.
  • Expert: 'Pests in Houses Great & Small: Identification, Prevention, Eradication' David Pinniger and Dee Lauder; English Heritage, ISBN 978-1-910907-24-5, 2018


  • Beginner: Museum Environment - Gary Thompson
  • Beginner: Preservation Guides - British Library
  • Intermediate: Historical Perspectives on Preventive Conservation (Getty Conservation Institute’s Readings in Conservation) edited by Sarah Staniforth, Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, 2013, 426pp. ISBN: 978- 1-60606-142-8
  • Intermediate: Preventive Conservation in Museums. Caple, C. (2012). Leicester Readers in Museum Studies. Oxford: Routledge.
  • Expert: Preventive Conservation: The State of the Art. Studies in Conservation - IIC 2018 Turin Congress preprints (subscription only)
  • Expert: Sustainable Preservation Practices - IPI

Risk Management