Inspiring the Future

Careers talks to Schools

Talking with young people about the fascinating and rewarding world of conservation is crucial to ensuring we can nurture, encourage, and inspire the next generation of professional conservators.

For many young people, choosing which career path to follow is often influenced by the people they meet and the jobs that they see people in their friends and family networks doing. At the same time, whilst many may well have visited a museum, gallery or heritage institution as part of a school trip, in all likelihood they will be unaware of the huge amount of work that goes on in protecting and preserving our cultural heritage.  

This is why Icon is working with ‘Education and Employers’ a dedicated UK based charity which runs ‘Inspiring the Future’, an online platform matching volunteers with schools and colleges to provide careers talks to students across the UK.

Hearing first-hand from professionals can help young people to understand the range of career options available to them, including those they may have never thought of before. It also provides an invaluable opportunity to show positive role models and raise aspirations. 

Are you passionate about conservation and able to tell young people about the fascinating and rewarding sector you’re working in? Why not consider volunteering yourself. You can give as little as an hour a year of your time, however with that hour you really could be helping to transform someone’s life.

Signing up is really quick and simple – just register here 

By following the link above your details will be linked to Icon. Once you are registered, your details will be available for schools and colleges to search and invite you to talk about your career to their students.

Inspire the Future will provide you with support and advice to help you give the best talk you can.