Overview of assessment process

Overview of assessment process

Icon Accreditation is based on a thorough peer assessment process. Candidates must first submit an application for Accreditation which is reviewed by a panel of appointed ACRs who advise on whether an individual is ready to proceed. Following that, candidates must undertake a professional practice assessment based on the preparation and submission of a portfolio of evidence and a professional discussion between the candidate, Assessor and Specialist Advisor.

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1. Candidate assesses whether they are ready to start process

  • Candidate attends an Icon Accreditation workshop which provides an overview of the assessment process.
  • Icon appoints a mentor if not in place already.
  • Candidate undertakes a self-assessment to determine whether they are likely to have the evidence to support their application.

2. Submission of application form

  • Candidate submits application form on the Icon website.
  • Application reviewed by an Accreditation Moderation Committee member and Accreditation Manager who confirms whether the candidate is ready for assessment.

3. Assessment Stage 1: Portfolio

Portfolio building

  • The candidate’s e-portfolio account is created and they are offered training in its use
  • Candidate gathers evidence and builds portfolio. They are advised to work with their mentor and seek advice to ensure that they fully understand the criteria and are gathering appropriate evidence. 
  • Support from Icon staff as required.

Submission and assessment

  • Once the candidate is satisfied with their portfolio, they submit it for review.
  • Initial check by the Accreditation Manager to ensure all evidence is in place.
  • Assessor and Specialist Advisor appointed.
  • Review by Assessor and Specialist Advisor to determine if evidence is correct and meets criteria.
  • Feedback provided to candidate.

4. Assessment Stage 2: Professional Discussion

  • Assessor plans professional discussion based on portfolio of evidence.
  • Professional discussion between the Assessor, Specialist Advisor and the candidate takes place.
  • Assessor documents assessment findings in portfolio and submits to Icon for moderation.

5. Moderation

  • All assessment material is moderated by the Accreditation Moderation Committee.
  • Feedback provided to candidate / assessor if required.
  • Candidate informed of outcome.


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Icon Accreditation: Assessment Plan