About us

Icon Heritage Science Group is a forum for professionals interested in the scientific endeavour benefiting the conservation, management and interpretation of cultural heritage

Welcome to the Heritage Science Group pages!

We want to showcase the exciting heritage science research that is being conducted around the world. Our articles will promote heritage science publications that are relevant to conservators, written in accessible language, with a focus on the practical and useful implications of the research for practitioners. Research projects involving heritage science will also be publicised, and in time it is the hope that the page will become a repository for these types of projects.

Posts can cover a diverse range of subjects; including research that can support practical conservation of individual objects or collections, the built environment, access and interpretation of heritage, sustainability, method development, policy, heritage management, and public engagement.

Would you like to contribute?

Have you recently published a piece of heritage science research or are involved in a heritage science project? If so and you would like to contribute to the Icon Heritage Science pages please fill out one of our Google forms. If you have any questions or would like to become involved in helping to manage the blog, please contact Natalie Brown.

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