First Aid for Finds

An essential guide to the care of finds on site

We are pleased to announce that the fourth edition of First Aid for Finds will be online after consultation with reviewers and interest from potential users. As for the past published versions, the aims are to provide practical information for archaeologists, finds staff, conservators, and volunteers and to serve as a benchmark for best practice in the care of archaeological finds from pre-excavation planning and preparation to work on and off site.

There are many advantages to going online in addition to providing users with free and rapid access. Updates can be provided, and additional resources can be included including training PowerPoints, printable posters and workflows, videos and limitless colour images.

An existing website will be rebranded as First Aid for Finds ( This website was originally a Cardiff University project, independent of the main university website, focusing on archaeological metals storage guidance. Icon, RESCUE and Cardiff University will be joint partners. A hard copy option will be investigated to provide a print-on-demand eBook.

Work on transferring content has begun and it is expected that the online version will be available later in 2024. Look out for launch events and workshops later this year!