First Aid for Finds

An essential handbook for the care of finds on site

The fourth edition of First Aid for Finds is now underway with publication expected in 2022.  It will follow a similar format to the last edition, updated and expanded, and with the same aim, a practical field manual for archaeologists, finds staff, conservators and volunteers. With step-by-step instructions, it will provide a benchmark for best practice in the care of archaeological finds from pre-excavation planning and preparation, on site and through to post-excavation and archive.

This new edition is co-authored by Sarah Watkins-Kenney ACR,  David Watkinson ACR,  James Spriggs and Nicola Emmerson.  The Icon Archaeology Group is managing the production of the volume and it will be published jointly, as for previous editions, by Icon and RESCUE, the British Archaeological Trust.

An update was presented at the Icon Archaeology Group 2021 AGM - see the PowerPoint document below (accurate at the time of the AGM, 6 August 2021).

First Aid for Finds: Progress Report