Ceramics, Glass and Stained Glass Conference 2021

A two-day online conference focusing on the conservation of ceramics, glass and stained glass 

Fragmented Stories: Case Studies in Ceramics, Glass, and Stained Glass Conservation

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We are pleased to present a joint 2-day online conference. The conference will be an international forum of professionals and students to share, discuss and disseminate the latest research and projects on the conservation of ceramics, glass and stained glass. We will host an exciting range of talks, interactive Q&A sessions, posters, tours and networking opportunities. Access to the talks will be available for 30 days post-conference so you’ll never miss a session! 

We are honoured to have guest presentations from:

Dr Katie Harrison, “Picturing St Cuthbert: Reconstructing the Narrative of the St Cuthbert Window, York Minster” Conservation Research Officer, York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship, United Kingdom.

Julie Monique “From Notre-Dame de Paris to Nantes cathedral, how recent disasters question stained glass conservators’ work” MA student, University of Paris in conjunction with Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques.


Dr Laura Adlington, “Dating Nathan: The Oldest Stained Glass Window in England?” Independent Researcher, North Wales, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Carlotta Cammelli“The Oculus of York Minster and its Origins: An Investigation into Condition and Context” Graduate Conservator, Recclesia Stained Glass, Chester, United Kingdom.

Holly Daws“Fragmented Histories: Deconstructing and Reconstructing a 17th Century Iranian stone-paste tile panel” Project Assistant Artefact Conservator, National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Dr Marta Kamińska, “Application of 3D scanning modelling and 3D printing technology in the reconstruction of a missing part of a Chinese Qing dynasty carved overlay glass vessel” Assistant Professor,Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China. 

Antanas Melinis, “Conditions for the safe storage of early glass” PhD Candidate, University College London’s Institute of Archaeology, United Kingdom. 

Margot Murray, “Repairing an Impossible Bottle: an experimental treatment approach to preserve artistic intent” Sherman Fairchild Foundation Conservation Fellow at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, United States of America.

Dana Norris ACR, “From Dionysos to Bacchus and Back Again: Conservation of a Wedgwood Bust”Partner at Watt and Norris Conservation in Oxford, PhD Candidate and Visiting Fellow, Cranfield University Forensics Institute, Shrivenham, United Kingdom.

João Rolaça and Dr Inês Coutinho, “Touched by fire: Interdisciplinary study for the interpretation of the firing marks in ceramic wares” João Rolaça PhD candidate and Dr Inês Coutinho is Assistant Professor, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. 

Lucyna Tkaczyk, “Glass paintings in Tatra Muzeum- conservation issues resulting from their production technology” Conservator, Tatra Museum, Zakopane, Poland. 

C. Montserrat Torres, “Stained glass in the Museum of Geology in Mexico City. The history behind the lights” Conservator, National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, Mexico.

Heide Trommer, “The study and conservation of key works of the Glass Museum Hentrich, in preparation for its redesigned and expanded permanent exhibition” Head of the Department of Applied Arts at the Düsseldorf Conservation Center, Düsseldorf, Germany.