Continuing Professional Development

Professional Development is a key way to improve your practice and achieve your goals

What is CPD?

Becoming and remaining a successful conservator requires knowledge and skills which develop over time. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses and creating your own personal and professional goals it is possible to plan a long and rewarding career in conservation. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential part of becoming and remaining Accredited.

CPD embraces all types of learning relevant to your professional life. The process aims to promote learning rather than add unnecessary bureaucracy, and not restrict the type of activities that ‘count', provided they lead to useful learning. It includes learning from informal and unplanned activities as well as from courses, reading, meetings, new projects, etc. Although it is expected that you provide evidence of keeping up-to-date in your field, your professional development should not just focus on core conservation activities.

Wider aspects of culture and heritage, management, business development, teaching and training, and so on could be included, depending on your current work and future aspirations. Supporting the profession, through the promotion of conservation, training others, and participation in your professional body are also aspects of 'extended professionalism' which can be considered in personal review of your CPD.