About us

Icon Stone and Wall Paintings Group is a forum for professionals interested in architectural conservation, in particular stone and wall paintings

The Icon Stone and Wall Paintings Group represents more than 300 conservation professionals working in the field of architectural conservation in general and in particular the conservation of stone and wall paintings.

The Group was originally formed as a specialist section within UKIC in 1998, though separate specialist sections had been in operation from the early 1980s. Regular meetings, events and conferences are held for its members, and we encourage anyone interested in conservation to join us.

The Group's aims are:

  • To promote communication between the various groups involved and to encourage dialogue between conservators, architects, art historians, archaeologists, surveyors, scientists and others with a specialist interest in either stone or wall paintings
  • Be a forum for the exchange of information on techniques in practice and under development and scientific research through regular meetings and publications
  • To set and maintain standards for stone and wall painting conservation
  • To be a representative voice for architectural conservation, in training and in lobbying government

You can contact us via email