About us

Our aim is to create a vibrant forum for the discussion and development of modern and contemporary art conservation

The objectives of the network: 

•    To promote modern and contemporary art conservation within the United Kingdom providing a forum for discussion and debate, including within art schools, and with artists, dealers & curators
•    To support the professional development of conservators within this discipline and to collaborate with training institutions 
•    Establish links with contemporary art conservation networks ensuring a global discourse
•    Promote the development of new thinking, researching and innovation with modern and contemporary art conservation

Areas of discussion include:

•    Acquisition, display and documentation of contemporary artworks
•    Display and installation of artworks, along with packing for storage and transportation
•    Documentation of artworks, documenting complex artworks and installations 
•    Looking at the challenges of managing change with artworks,  identifying and managing pending obsolescence with artworks
•    Hazards in modern and contemporary artworks
•    Working with Living Artists, their studios and dealers, and the artist interview
•    Ethics in collecting, preservation, conservation and display 
•    Storage of complex artworks, creating storage for large scale multi-installation works and bespoke crating solutions
•    The complementary roles and responsibilities of conservators, technicians and other institutional staff