About us

Icon Paintings Group is focused on the conservation and restoration of paintings, from old masters to contemporary art


The Icon Paintings Group is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of paintings, from old masters to contemporary art. We uphold Icon’s main values: integrity, inclusivity, being forward- and outward-looking, ambition, collaboration and generosity, and upholding a high standard in the way we value, support and promote the expertise and professionalism of our members and partners.  

Since Icon’s merger in 2005, we’ve grown to develop our own persona beneath the banner of this organisation. The Paintings Group has since branched from the core Icon committee and developed its own specialist interests. If the following vision is agreeable to you, and if paintings conservation is your passion, we welcome you to join us.  


Our vision is to: 

  • To uphold the values, learnings and practice of our international trainings   
  • Maintain strong lines of communication between Icon subgroups, as well as with organisations affiliated with paintings conservation that exist exterior to the Icon UK committees  
  • Encourage open dialogue and exchange between the various specialist disciplines that assist the growth and development of paintings conservation practice in the form of events, publications and regular meetings both online and in person  
  • Support and advance common understanding of conservation ethics and code of practice, both tangible and intangible, when educating the public on preserving and conserving collection items of cultural significance 
  • Represent UK standards for paintings conservation and inspire emerging conservators and students, volunteers and interns who are interested in stepping into the profession by marketing and advertising training, grants and other professional development opportunities  
  • To always maintain a level of integrity for the betterment of the profession in the instances of lobbying for fair treatment, sustainable thinking and safe workplace environments 
  • Finally, we also proffer advice and support for members in our international community that seek it 

You can contact us via email.