2023 Winners

The first Marsh Conservation Awards was celebrated at the Icon Members' Meeting in 2023.

Marsh Award for Early Career Conservator

Marina Herriges

Project role: Co-Investigator/Research Assistant, University of Glasgow

Project outline: Embedding environmental sustainability for active learning and student engagement in textile conservation

Project dates: September 2020 – August 2022

Nominated by: Karen Thompson ACR, Senior Lecturer and Programme Co-convenor (MPhil Textile Conservation), University of Glasgow

Marina told Icon:

I am very grateful and honoured for this award. This project is very important to me, personally and professionally. I am also very appreciative of Karen Thompson’s generosity in nominating me. Karen trusted my research interests and skills since day one; I am very thankful for her support.

Marsh Heritage Conservation in Action Award

Mary Evans

Project role: Volunteer Conservation Lead and Training Coordinator

Project outline: First large-scale condition survey of a 300-year-old collection, library and archive owned by Spalding Gentlemen’s Society

Project dates: 2021-2025

Nominated by: Ian Hoult, Honorary Curator, Spalding Gentlemen’s Society

Mary told Icon:

I was incredibly honoured to have firstly been nominated for this award and then overwhelmed to have won this Marsh Award. I am privileged to work with an amazing group of people and look forward to our group and project going from strength to strength.

Marsh Award for Research in Conservation

Dr David Thickett

Project role: Senior Conservation Scientist, English Heritage

Project outline: Showcase research and development

Project dates: 2003 onwards

Nominated by: Dr Naomi Luxford, Conservation Scientist, English Heritage