Support for Pathway members

Support for Pathway members

Each person's journey towards Accreditation is different depending on your own particular situation. Some will be at an earlier stage of their career looking to plan how they can be ready for Accreditation, whilst others might be closer and need to access support in going through the Accreditation and Assessment process.

We want each member to feel as supported as possible - below we have outlined a range of areas of support available. However, please do get in touch with the Professional Development team by email at [email protected] or by calling 020 3142 6799 at any time if you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss. 

Accreditation Clinics

Each year we run workshops and webinars for candidates working towards Accreditation. Workshops are run by Icon's Accreditation Manager and will take participants through the full process, from preparing the application, to compiling your e-portfolio to preparing for the final assessment discussion.

These workshops also offer the opportunity to meet other conservators going through the process at the same time as you. They are particularly useful if you are actively in the process of becoming accredited.

The dates of Clinics will be emailed to Pathway members. They are also listed in the Events section of the website.

Annual Pathway event

The Annual Pathway event is a full day conference which has been designed to support Pathway members in their continuing professional development. 

Over the past seven years the Pathway event has focussed on a wide variety of topics, from complexity and continuing professional development through to managing large scale conservation projects. In addition, participants also get the opportunity to hear from recently accredited members. 

Icon mentors

All Pathway members are able to benefit from the support of a dedicated Icon Mentor to support them in their professional development and progress along the Pathway. Mentors offer ongoing support while working towards the accreditation application and assessment process but can also provide much broader support as required.

Visit the Icon Mentor page for further details. 

Annual review 

The Pathway is designed to be a membership category in which members are able to verify that they are practicing conservators who are actively working towards accreditation. Given this members are required to verify that they are actively working towards Accreditation to remain on the category.

Visit the Annual review page for further detils