About us

The Icon Pest Odyssey Network is a multi-disciplinary group which advocates for IPM within cultural heritage institutions

We are a network of professionals from the cultural heritage sector with a wide experience of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a personal interest and demonstrated dedication to the programme and its applications.

We effectively represent the cultural sector, drawn from a wide group; hence their names are attached to the institutions they belong to in all communications.

We communicate, advise and promote all aspects of IPM through annual open meetings, publications, training.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote and communicate IPM best practice
  • provide a trusted platform to communicate, advise and promote best practise in Integrated Pest Management for cultural heritage
  • develop guidelines and strategies for IPM programmes
  • to collaborate, share and disseminate professional knowledge and expertise through conferences, in order to prevent pest damage to cultural and scientific collections.
  • provide expertise in reducing pest risk thus protecting valuable collections.
  • advise legislative bodies directing control and treatment products
  • advocate the use of IPM as an essential, cost-effective and sustainable tool to serve the cultural heritage industry, creating collaborative networks and sharing relevant information.
  • support emerging professionals in IPM
  • maintain links with International professional bodies

Areas of discussion are:

  • Prevention tools and strategies to reduce the risk of IPM activity within museums and historic houses
  • Identification of existing and emerging Insect Pests
  • Record keeping and reporting techniques to support IPM monitoring
  • Hazards and legislation related to different treatment options
  • Resources and Training opportunities relating to Insect Pest management in the UK and Internationally
  • Upcoming Conferences and topics for our annual open meeting