About us

The Icon Archaeology Group is for all those concerned with archaeological conservation in the UK

The Group was formed in 1976 when conservators working under the umbrella of the former UKIC established a forum for those working with, or with an interest in, the conservation of archaeological artefacts. 

The Group's aims are:

  • To establish and promote high standards for care and conservation of archaeological materials
  • Support the development of skills and knowledge in the conservation and investigation of archaeological materials
  • Provide a forum for communication within the discipline and related organisations
  • Promote care and conservation of archaeological heritage among the public
  • Represent the interests of the archaeological conservation profession

The Archaeology Group has a Twitter account which is maintained by the Communications Officers and Archaeology Group committee members. The aim of this social media account is to promote the activities of the Icon Archaeology Group, raise the profile of archaeological conservation on Twitter, and engage with conservators everywhere (in particular those who deal with archaeological materials).

We always love to hear about your archaeological conservation projects big or small; please tag us and #FindsFriday in your posts and follow us on Twitter to see what everyone else us up to and how exciting our jobs can be!

Here follows our activity statistics from September 2019 – August 2020. We are delighted to have seen an increase in followers over the last 12 months from 214  followers to 433 (+219). This is most likely due to our involvement in online events (#AskAConservator and #FindsFriday) and live Tweeting from our events and conferences.

Icon News articles

From September 2019 – August 2020 the Archaeology Group submitted nine Icon News articles, comprising six reports and three reviews. We have also sent out 10 Iconnect announcements via email relating to the groups events.

  • Archaeological Conservation in the 21st Century review, Icon News (89), pp.27–29. Emma Smith
  • News from the Groups and Networks, Icon News (89), p.5. Charlotte Wilkinson
  • Post-X Metals Conference review, Icon News (88), p.33. Charlotte Wilkinson
  • News from the Groups and Networks, Icon News (88), pp.7–8. Charlotte Wilkinson
  • News from the Groups and Networks, Icon News (87), p.4. Charlotte Wilkinson
  • News from the Groups and Networks, Icon News (86), p.9. Charlotte Wilkinson
  • Archaeology Group AGM review, Icon News (85), p.28. Hazel Gardiner
  • News from the Groups and Networks, Icon News (85), p.4. Charlotte Wilkinson
  • News from the Groups and Networks, Icon News (84), pp.5–6. Charlotte Wilkinson