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What is the Icon Internship Programme?

The Icon Internship Programme is a structured internship placement offering emerging professionals an invaluable opportunity to develop their careers, engage with professional networks and of course to develop practical knowledge by learning from highly experienced conservation professionals.

In essence, the Icon Internship Programme provides a management package that enables the host trainer to focus on what they do best, which is provide experience and the underpinning practical knowledge in the workplace to help interns develop their knowledge and skills of conservation practice.

The intern benefits from a solid delivery platform that guides their learning and development throughout the programme. It also introduces a strong understanding of the practical application of Icon’s Professional Standards in conservation through their work. It is this additional support which makes an Icon internship different. All interns have their own dedicated Intern Advisor, who along with the host supervisor supports these interns through the practicalities of the programme, as well as with their wider professional development.

Stories from Icon Interns

Over the years, nearly 200 people have taken part in the Icon Internship Programme. Read on below to find out more about their experiences and how the programme has helped them to kick-start their careers in conservation!


Behind Closed Doors: Bowes Museum Icon Interns Preventive Conservation Project


Salvage in Lockdown



Lead image: Matt Wreford


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