About us

The Icon Historic Interiors Group was founded in response to an increasing awareness of the problems facing the conservation of historic interiors

Architectural conservation projects often require a wide range of conservation skills. The different specialties of Icon members are often called upon to solve special problems in preserving and restoring historic interiors. The Group's aim is to bring together conservators and other specialists from a wide variety of disciplines to foster the exchange of ideas and information. It also hopes to provide both practical guidance and moral support and to help raise the profile of conservation in a wider context.

Whilst recognised conservation standards are commonplace in museums and conservation studios, these are less understood or established when work takes place on a building site. Conservators can expect to find themselves working under the direction of major contractors who may have little experience in the practice of conservation and the long-term preservation of the fittings, finishes or patina of historic interiors. 

Conservators too, need an understanding and respect for the architects, builders and sub-contractors involved in site work on historic buildings as well as a greater understanding of the development of architectural styles and interior decoration of different periods.

The aims of the Historic Interiors Group are:

  • to highlight the importance and rarity of original decorative fittings, finishes and furnishings
  • to be a forum for sharing and communicating conservation problem solving between all the different fields of expertise needed to preserve historic interiors
  • through conferences, study days and publications provide a means of communicating and sharing ideas, increase knowledge and develop mechanisms ensuring the conservation standards can be met
  • to foster liaisons between skilled crafts and more academic conservation

Members include a wide range of practicing conservators, architects, gilders, plasterers, surveyors, architectural historians, archaeologists, curators, interior designers and many others actively involved with historic interiors.

We always welcome ideas and suggestions and encourage members to share interesting case studies, topics for discussion, information and news.

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