What's Eating Your Collection

What's Eating Your Collection is a website to help you understand what integrated pest management is, how to carry it out and how it can help you in your museum

What's Eating Your Collection? This website grew out of the insect pest courses of the same name offered initially through Renaissance West Midlands RAW (Renaissance at Work) courses. David Pinniger and Jane Thompson Webb had many conversations about the number of people who were not able to attend IPM courses and those trying to carry out Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with no technical, scientific or practical support. 

The curent website is the second iteration and has the following aims:

  • It will guide you through the identification process to help you to determine what you have found.
  • It contains a decision making tool to help you to decide what to do about it.
  • It contains fact sheets to give you more information about the main insect pest species and sheets to explain how to carry out certain tasks and to give you further advice about related topics.
  • It contains links to further sources of information, resources and help.

You can be guided by the website or you can short cut the process and go straight to the information you want. I hope that it will become a trusted and well used resource and an invaluable part of your IPM regime.