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Do you enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow, Fake or Fortune or the Repair Shop? Or perhaps you enjoy reading history or historical novels? By supporting Icon you can be part of our vital work in conserving our heritage. Icon’s work is far reaching, from developing the skills, often ancient skills, needed to preserve the past to being a voice for those who care about what we leave today’s children and their children.

Conservation is about far more than conserving beautiful paintings, although our members do work on wonderful paintings, furniture, stained glass and so much more. We are equally preserving the history of scientific development, engineering, natural history and exploration. Then there’s our cultural heritage such as languages, dialects, rituals, food, music, stories and celebrating traditional events such as harvests. The UN has called these “Human Treasures” and we believe they are special in a diverse country with so many different cultures and regions.

It takes a long time to train to be a conservator and we need to attract the best new entrants. We help those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities to overcome the obstacles they face both financial and practical. Our members visit schools to encourage an interest in conservation and heritage in children and young people who might one day choose it as a career. We have to work hard at this because it is not so well known as other careers.

Many heritage objects need constant attention because they are so delicate and fragile. Their environment has to be constantly monitored and we are still catching up on the impact of the pandemic which had a devastating impact on the work of many conservators.

Unfortunately, there’s no legal regulation of conservators to prevent unqualified people damaging important objects. Icon sets and manage the professional standards.

Just as getting out in nature helps to improve mental health so does heritage, building connectedness and belonging in communities. It means people are active and have improved wellbeing. Heritage reminds us of who we are and where we have come from. It gives us identity.

Our work makes us all too aware of the potential impact of climate change on our heritage and we have an active Environmental Sustainability Network which is leading our climate action.

We also help local communities across the whole country by working in small museums and local heritage sites which attract visitors into the area helping create jobs.

So, if you want to support heritage conservation, please consider making a donation to Icon or leaving a gift in your will. We are grateful for donations of any amount.

Photo: Claire Pearson; c Frances Lennard/TCC