06 Jan 2023

New Marsh Awards for the Conservation and Restoration of Objects and Collections

Nominations are open until 31 January 2023


The Marsh Charitable Trust believes that people are at the heart of the charity sector because they voluntarily or professionally go above and beyond to make a difference. The Marsh Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of these people who are committed to social, cultural and environmental causes. 

The new Marsh Awards for the Conservation and Restoration of Objects and Collections are intended to promote wider recognition of the value that conservation brings to society.


Much of the work conservators and heritage scientists do is hidden from public view because it takes place in private workshops or conservation studios in museums, galleries and archives. The impact of the important work carried out by conservation professionals is largely invisible unless attention is drawn to specific outcomes through interpretation and engagement. This means that the benefits that conservation brings to society are not recognised and are therefore not valued.

We hope these awards will serve to ensure that the work of conservation professionals is better recognised and more fully respected. 


Icon will award three Marsh Awards:

  • Marsh Heritage Conservation in Action Award
    This Award recognises the achievements of conservators and heritage scientists working to enhance public engagement with historic objects and collections. Engagement may be delivered through the real-time interpretation of the conservation work being carried out either in-situ or online, or through educational programmes linked to the conservation project. 
  • Marsh Award for Early Career Conservators
    This Award recognises emerging conservation professionals and their early career contribution to the practice of conservation. 
  • Marsh Award for Research in Conservation
    This Award recognises conservators and heritage scientists who have made an outstanding contribution to research in the field of conservation. 


You do not have to be an Icon member to submit a nomination.

Deadline for nominations is 31 January 2023. 


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