Icon’s Complaints Procedure

Icon’s Complaints Procedure is intended for the resolution of any complaint about a Member of the Institute. Complaints will not be considered under the procedure if they relate to non-members, the Institute’s employees or employment practices outside the scope of the Institute’s Code of Conduct. The standards expected of a Member of the Institute are set out in the Institute’s Code of Conduct, which should be read in conjunction with the Institute’s Professional Standards. It has also been drafted in line with Icon's Articles of Association.


Key features of the Complaints Procedure

  • Intended for the resolution of any complaint about a Member of the Institute.
  • An emphasis on alternative dispute resolution and remedial rather than punitive measures.
  • Clear separation of powers of an Investigation Committee, a Conduct Committee and an Appeal Committee, with each committee chaired by a different lay person.
  • A Conduct Register of at least 10 ACRs that will serve as a pool from which members of the committees can be drawn. The composition of the Register is published below.
  • A legal advisor to support the work of the committees and to advise on conflicts of interest.
  • A clear time frame for the process.
  • Specific restrictive measures (sanctions).


Before making a complaint


How to complain

If you feel you have grounds upon which to initiate a formal complaint against an Icon Member, please email [email protected] to discuss the complaint in the first instance.  The team will be able to confirm if the individual in question is in fact a current Icon Member. 

You will be asked to name the Member in question, and to explain the nature of the complaint.

You will then be asked to submit a completed Complaint Form to launch the formal process outlined in the Complaints Procedure.

All information will be stored securely, and will be kept strictly confidential to the Investigation Administrator and the Complaints Committees.   


Accredited members on the Conduct Register

The Board of Trustees has approved the appointment of 20 Accredited Members to the Conduct Register. Those members are:

Conduct Register members

Caroline Barry ACR
Simon Cane ACR
Steve Clare ACR
Isabelle Egan ACR
Tess Evans ACR
Mike Flannery ACR
Claire Grundy ACR
Joanne Hackett ACR
Velson Horie ACR
Lucie Mascord ACR
Clare Meredith ACR
Christine Murray ACR
Julia Nagle ACR
Cathy Proudlove ACR
Lisa Psarianos ACR
Keith Scobie-Youngs ACR
Sandra Smith ACR
Maickel van Bellegem ACR
Vicky West ACR
Rob White ACR