Support for Ukraine - conserving cultural heritage

Initiatives to help protect and care for cultural heritage in Ukraine during and after the conflict

17 Mar 2022

Organisations and initiatives in Ukraine

UK-based organisations and initiatives

  • Icon has set up a series of three Basecamp teams to co-ordinate support efforts by conservators, mainly in the UK. There are three teams: material aid; emergency gudiance; and sponsoring refugess (in the UK). Please contact us if you would like to join this collaborative project.
  • University of Lincoln is supporting Ukrainian students and academics to continue their study and work, and to live in a welcoming and supportive environment
  • Conservation Resources UK are working on a list to donate specialist products to conservation professionals in Ukraine. If you want to buy anything to add to this, they are giving a special discount on the order and ship to Ukraine for free. Please call them or email them directly to do this.

International organisations and initiatives

Practical advice

  • ICOMOS and the Corpus Vitrearum have worked together to produce guidance on securing stained glass in wartime. Please contact us for a copy of this document in English or Ukranian.