Open Call: Art Jameel’s Collection Care Fellowship

The Fellowship addresses the challenges associated with caring for institutional art collections situated in West Asia, South Asia, Africa and associated climates

26 Oct 2023


Art Jameel’s Collection Care Fellowship addresses the particular challenges and opportunities associated with managing, conserving and caring for institutional art collections situated in West Asia and associated climates and situations across South Asia, Africa and/or relevant countries. 

The research fellowship aims to bring together individuals from varying disciplines to explore aspects of museum practices including conservation, collection and archives management, environmental concerns, logistics, digital access, art handling and documentation.

Current guidelines used by museums around the world have been set by institutions in Europe, the UK and North America, therefore the objective of the fellowship is to review these existing guidelines and suggest new approaches, for an alternative collecting and museum management practice in the Gulf and beyond. 

We invite applications from early-career researchers to more established professionals, to propose ideas for research projects centered around collection care that consider new and expanded approaches to collection management and conservation, as well as interdisciplinary approaches encompassing the climate emergency, environmental science, ecology, new technologies and related areas.

The aim of the fellowship is to bring fresh, new insights into collection care and to provide a springboard for future discussion and research developments.

There is information about the fellowship and how to apply here. It is a global open call, and applicants can be based anywhere. 

Deadline for applications is November 30, 2023.


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