The danger of silence

Bakita Kasadha talks to Clair Walton ACR about how her life was changed by infected blood products in the first of a new blog series ‘The Last Chance for Justice’

19 Jan 2021
by Terrence Higgins Trust

Terrence Higgins Trust is supporting those living with and affected by HIV as a result of the Contaminated Blood Scandal. During the 1970s and 1980s, blood products infected with HIV and hepatitis C were given to people living with haemophilia and other blood disorders. Thousands of lives were lost as a result and people continue to be impacted today.

In 2018 a public inquiry began into the Contaminated Blood Scandal. It is believed to have included the largest number of participants of any UK public inquiry to date.   

Through these blog posts, we hope to amplify the experiences of a group of people who are less known, but are very much part of UK HIV advocacy. In these blog posts, you may read language that is less used within the wider HIV community. In many ways, this illustrates how unique their experiences are and how important it is that they are represented.

This is Clair Walton’s story.

The header image is a detail of an artwork created by Clair Walton ACR. © Clair Walton

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