30 May 2022

Icon Board of Trustees Diversity Survey (June 2022)

Results of Icon's Board of Trustees Diversity Survey, June 2022

Icon defines diversity as characteristics which connect and separate individuals and groups. Inclusion is working without discrimination to ensure our behaviour and actions are equitable.

The characteristics we refer to when we talk about diversity include those where direct or indirect discrimination is illegal. These are called Protected Characteristics: Age; Religion and Belief; Race; Disability; Sex; Sexual orientation; Pregnancy and Maternity; Marriage and Civil Partnership; Gender reassignment.

Based on the evidence we collected from members our proposed definition for Icon also includes socioeconomic background and status; ethnicity; regional and local identities (including accents); and the wider LGBT+ community (which is defined as anyone who self identifies as being part of the wider LGBT+ community including for example non-binary, pansexual, polyamorous, intersex).

The Board of Trustees completed a diversity monitoring questionnaire in May 2022 to understand its own composition. The following report details the key findings of this review.

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