08 Mar 2021

Collections Care: An Act of Custodianship and Optimism

Investing in preventive conservation that focuses on long-term preservation and minimising deterioration is one of the most cost-effective ways to safeguard cultural heritage for future generations

This policy booklet makes the point that good custodianship is founded in three key actions: strategic planning for ongoing collections care; the implementation of monitoring processes; and a commitment to addressing problems before they escalate. It makes the case that time and effort spent on routine care and housekeeping, and on fixing issues as they arise is inevitably cheaper and more cost effective than having to put right much more extensive damage later.

The booklet also looks to the future and sets out the value that conservation brings to society in terms of its contribution to increasing accessibility, widening participation in cultural activity, addressing climate change, and providing a resource to support people’s health and wellbeing.

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