Tru Vue Conservation & Exhibition Grant Scheme

Applications are welcome until 1 February

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We know that museums and galleries are dealing with the disruption caused by the pandemic and they need to make changes to the way that their collections are cared for and presented to visitors. TruVue and Icon would like to support conservation and care of collections teams to deliver projects that will address these challenges through this targeted grant scheme.

The second round of applications is now closed.


We are looking for projects that will:

Protect an object or objects already on display in order to reduce physical contact by members of the public


Enable an object that is not currently on display to be presented to visitors in a safe way


The grant scheme has two components:

  • Materials supplied by TruVue 

TruVue Materials

An in-kind donation of Optium Museum Acrylic® or UltraVue® Laminated Glass for use directly related to the conservation and display project is available. The full list is available here. Examples may include:

(1) sheet of 3048 mm x 1829 mm (72 inch x 120 inch) 6.0mm Optium Museum Acrylic


(1) sheet of 3048 mm x 1829 mm (72 inch x 120 inch) 8.8mm UltraVue Laminated Glass


(1) sheet of 2438 mm x 1829mm (72 inch x 96 inch) 4.5mm Optium Museum Acrylic


(2) sheets of 3.0mm 2438 mm x 1219 mm (48 inch x 96 inch) Optium Museum Acrylic


(2) sheets of 2159 mm x 1600 mm (63 inch x 85 inch) 4.4mm UltraVue Laminated Glass

This excludes any shipping or fabrication costs.

  • Funding to cover the materials, supplies and/or support needed to deliver the project

We will award grants up to £2,200 per institution.

The grant is open to small heritage institutions in the UK with less than 100,000 visitors per year.



On completion of the project we will expect you to submit a short report outlining what the project achieved and describing the positive outcomes. This could be a written report, including a selection of photographs, or it could be a short film. Guidance will be availalbe. 


Application process

Please download and complete the Application Form below, and send it along with any supporting documents to [email protected]

Tru Vue® Conservation & Exhibition Grant Scheme - Application Form.docx


You will need to cover the following: 

  • What the museum intends to do and what unique conservation or display challenge will this project solve (300 words)
  • How the project will benefit the museum and its visitors (300 words)
  • Information about how the TruVue materials will be used
  • Outline budget with costs
  • Proposal for how the outcomes of the project will be shared (report or video)

Applicants will be asked to include up to 4 photographs with their application – one of which should be the object.

Please send your completed application form, up to four photographs and a copy of your latest audited annual report to Geanina Beres at [email protected]



Applications should be submitted via email by 5pm on 1 February 2022.

Projects to be completed within 12 months.

Reports should be submitted to Icon within one month of the project completion date.

For further information, contact Geanina Beres (Communications Officer). 


Header image: Installation view of Challenging Convention at the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne. Photo credit Colin Davison


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