11 Jan 2021

Caring for your Collections

A new video from the Icon Care of Collections Group provides simple advice and top tips for caring for a variety of household objects and materials.

Time and effort spent on caring for items and fixing issues as they arise is inevitably cheaper than having to put right much more extensive damage to objects later. That’s why the Icon Care of Collections Group has put together a video presentation containing accessible preservation and conservation advice.

Created in support of #NationalMaintenanceWeek, it encourages the public to take simple steps that can make a huge difference to the condition and lifespan of their most valued possessions. The comprehensive video contains advice for looking after a range of everyday objects and materials, including: 

  • glassware and stained glass
  • wood
  • ceramics
  • textiles including upholstery, carpets and clothes
  • books
  • stone
  • works of art
  • silver
  • metals including iron, steel and brass
  • leather

The video was produced by Kerren Harris ACR and Meagen Smith with help from Siobhan Barratt ACR and Jane Thompson-Webb ACR and with thanks to Birmingham Museums Trust, Historic Royal Palaces and National Trust.

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