30 Apr 2024

Public Appeal by London Zoo to collect artefacts

Zoological Society of London appeals to the public to collect artefacts related to the history of London Zoo ahead of the Zoo's bicentennial celebrations.

London Zoo will celebrate its 200-year anniversary in 2026. To prepare for the celebrations, Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the charity taking care of London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo, launches History Hive Project. 

History Hive is an appeal to the public to collect artefacts related to the history of the Zoo: souvenirs, toys, maps, historic tickets, and any other objects in connection with the organisation. The public is also encouraged to share memories of the Zoo with ZSL's Oral History Archive.

The artefacts will be used in the upcoming exhibition to tell the story of London Zoo and to reflect on ZSL's impact on the care of animals and nature conservation. 

History Hive “is an incredible opportunity for us to unearth the objects and material culture which bring to life our 200 years of history” - shares Natasha Wakely, Archivist at ZSL. 

The contributors to the exhibition will be invited to the exhibition opening ceremony. 

You can read more and support the project here

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