The Icon Conference returns for 2022!

This virtual event will be an online celebration of recognition and collaboration, taking place over the course of two afternoons

04 Mar 2022

Open to all, the Icon Conference 2022: Reaching out for Recognition, will be coming directly to your home or workplace on 24th and 25th May, connecting you with people based around the world via Zoom. This virtual event will be an online celebration of recognition and collaboration, taking place over the course of two afternoons. Be inspired by captioned talks from people shaping the future of conservation; learn about positivity and trying out new ideas in times of uncertainty and change and network in themed breakout sessions.  


 #IconReachOut22 will be the parallel student-led Twitter conference, held each morning.  All projects, ideas and opinions on the theme are welcome.  You can find more information and details about how to present at #IconReachOut22 by clicking on the page below.  


The Programme 

Day One will explore RECOGNITION: how conservation is recognised and valued by others, and importantly how we value our own work of ourselves and each other. Enjoy an exciting session with a keynote speaker and a series of dynamic shorter presentations.  Network in small groups and take part in themed break-out discussions- topics will be informed on the day by Twitter discussions and your comments throughout the day.  

Talks and events on Day Two will celebrate how we are REACHING OUT and collaborating with  communities, artists and individuals beyond the conservation sector, and the impact that this is having.  An inspiring keynote talk on this theme will be complemented by shorter presentations. It is widely acknowledged that this transitional time has been ideal for reflection but also for renewal. As we consider our next collective gathering, we will take this opportunity to look forwards and consider how we can shape the future of conservation and the impact we can have as a profession when we join together.   


Why is Reaching Out for Recognition happening now? 

  • 2022 should have been the year of the Triennial Icon Conference 
  • In a changing world we all need to come together to highlight our collective worth 
  • We are now in a good place to reflect on the last 2 years 
  • We need to celebrate our achievements and resilience as a profession 
  • We should highlight and recognise our individual and collective learning over the pandemic 


Why Attend Reaching Out for Recognition? 

The Icon Conference will be a key moment in the UK conservation calendar. There will be moments for you to: 

  • BE INSPIRED by and learn from those challenging traditional thinking, championing innovation and supporting the voices of the underrepresented 
  • BE EXCITED by engaging with those shaping the future of our profession- valuing the creativity of both novices to the skill and judgement of experts 
  • RECONNECT if the last two years have left you feeling isolated or out of touch with other people involved in the conservation and heritage sectors  
  • BUILD NEW CONNECTIONS if you are new to the profession or simply have a passion for material heritage 


Why is Reaching Out for Recognition different?  

The Icon Conference will: 

  • Bring people involved and interested in conservation together   
  • Provide real cross-sector opportunities to network and make connections 
  • Help you feel engaged, connected and inspired by fellow conservators and external supporters  
  • Provide you with positive stories of collaboration and connection following a time when so many of us have struggled with isolation 
  • Provide a forum for your ideas and experiences  

Who is Reaching Out for Recognition for?  

This conference is for EVERYONE: those working in conservation or a related role; students of conservation or related subjects; anyone who is impacted by the work that conservators do or anyone curious to find out more.  




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