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05 Mar 2024

Icon’s members represent some of the most highly trained professionals working to safeguard historic objects; everything from national treasures to family heirlooms and collectables and a whole spectrum in between.

Coming from a wide array of backgrounds and representing numerous specialisms, our members are at the very heart of the conservation industry. Some work as conservation managers or preventive conservators with responsibility for entire collections, whilst others focus on the assessment and treatment of objects within a particular specialism. Many operate in public institutions such as national and regional museums or galleries, archives and libraries, or in historic properties whilst others are employed by private conservation studios, or working as freelancers and some are running their own private practices. What they all have in common is that they are undertaking work of significant importance to a great many on a daily basis, contributing to the preservation of our cultural heritage for now and generations to come.

In contrast, whilst our profession is involved with objects and environments that are seen and appreciated by a great many, the same cannot always be said of themselves. Conservators are not widely known for putting themselves at the forefront of their own work, rather, more often than not, keeping their light somewhat under a bushel. Conservators often to prefer to let the fruits of their labour speak for them and whilst some of this is possibly intrinsic to the ‘nature of the breed’, Icon believe in celebrating and showcasing as much of this great work as possible. The benefits of doing so can be fundamental in delivering knowledge, education, inspiration and collaboration, but also in supporting and extending the reach of our profession.

It is for all these reasons that Icon wants to highlight the work of its members wherever it can, spotlighting all those who make a difference in our world. So, we encourage all members, or supporters of members to share to help us strengthen and showcase our community.

So, whatever you are working on or involved in, don’t forget to let us know about it by emailing us on [email protected]  

Make sure to include where possible, images with permission for us to use, and details of who, what and where, and we will do the rest. 

Lead Image: Leah Warriner-Wood and the tapestry conservation team, Doddington Hall

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