RIBA publishes collection of International Conservation Case Studies

Sara Crofts welcomes a new guide showcasing the skills of accredited conservation professionals

28 Jan 2022

Sara Crofts, Icon's Chief Executive, writes:

As a former conservation architect I warmly welcome this new collection of International Conservation Case Studies showcasing the many ways in which accredited conservation architects can support and add value to projects across the globe. Icon has championed accreditation for over 20 years and continues to work hard to ensure that our own accreditation framework for conservator-restorers is robust.

Looking after people’s heritage is a privilege, requiring knowledge, understanding and judgement. These are the skills that accredited professionals offer to their clients, and why they can be trusted to carry out conservation projects with sensitivity and respect.

Accredited professionals being a deep appreciation of the complex relationships between materials, culture, history and context to their work as well as an understanding of the range of philosophical approaches that can be taken, from preservation through conservation to restoration. They are able to guide clients on their unique journeys, helping to identify the most appropriate approach for each project, and bringing a ‘toolbox’ of skills, expertise and experience that can be deployed to ensure the proper care and conservation of our fragile cultural heritage.

Every conservation project offers different challenges, but choosing an accredited conservation professional is the one way that a client can be certain that their project is in a safe pair of hands.

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