02 Mar 2022

Icon's Impact: Icon’s year of digital transformation

In March 2021, Icon launched a new website with integrated CRM database.

Internally, the new CRM helps to meet our operational objectives by providing reporting functions to inform data-based decision making. This means marketing campaigns are planned and delivered according to insights from the database.

The new technology gives Icon the tools to better respond to members’ needs and improve the member experience so that Icon can continue to deliver on our strategic objectives, and be effective and sustainable.

Since the launch of the new system, the team have run campaigns using insights from events, network analysis via platforms such as LinkedIn, and interested potential members who registered in our database - furthering our reach. The marketing messages were displayed on our website and in the member application process – enabled by our new database – and were successful in attracting a bumper crop of new members.

For existing members, the CRM smoothes the annual renewals process by keeping information all in one online place, with automated reminders prompting quick and easy ways to renew. At renewal, members are able to change their membership category independently, allowing for greater autonomy and control over their accounts than previously. Receipts and events orders are kept neat and tidy in the members’ area and can be accessed at any time. Total integration is a marked improvement upon Icon's previous use of a range of platforms to achieve these purposes.

screenshot of Icon website my Account.png


Alongside the improvement to the members’ area, the events interface has also been redesigned, helping to both retain existing members with our array of digital events and to attract new supporters to Icon's expansive events offerings. The digital platform encourages event participation from across the UK – expanding participation well beyond local geography. 

Additionally, the integrated messaging platform means new and improved email content that has attained a far higher degree of engagement, as indicated by email opens, link clicks and even positive feedback - all of which are tracked by our new CRM. Many members have noted (and praised!) the new-look communications, including the redesigned Monthly Iconnect. The Monthly Iconnect gathers all our upcoming events and recent news in one place, improving awareness of what we offer, and increasing member engagement.

Screenshot of monthly Iconnect.png


Recent development work has also increased CPD functionality, making for a more stream-lined process for staff, eliminating time-consuming processes and reliance on paper-based systems to provide and a better documentation facility for members providing a space where members can review and reflect upon their development progress.

Icon has also worked closely with software developers to create a new donations page. This page facilitates supporters of the conservation profession to donate to important causes – whether that’s sponsored Pathway memberships to increase access to the profession for underprivileged groups, or campaign and advocacy work to improve the visibility of conservation.

Screenshot Donation page.png


In short, there’s been lots of exciting digital projects going on at Icon, and our drive to improve the online platform continues as we develop additional functions for the website, database and Conservation Register. We’re working to further enhance our systems and make it even easier for members to use our website, access our events, and engage with key resources.


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