Fair Museum Jobs - Recruitment Checklists

Checklists designed to support the recruitment of paid roles and the recruitment of volunteers

14 Mar 2021
by Fair Museum Jobs

At Fair Museum Jobs, we are passionate about supporting everyone in the sector to achieve, and benefit from, improved recruitment practice.

From discussion at the #FMJSummit in 2020, we know there is an appetite for more guidance on how to apply our Manifesto in the real world. To answer this need and help support application of good practice we have created some checklists to help everyone benchmark their work and spot potential areas to improve.

The checklists below aim to support recruitment of paid roles, and recruitment of volunteers. Further checklists on interview practice, internships and placements will follow soon.

All checklists are available in Word and PDF, as well as large print. We hope this will make them as usable as possible.