Become a Conservator: 7 Steps to Become an Art Conservator / Museum Conservator / Object Doctor!

How do you become a conservator aka art conservator or object doctor? How do you touch and preserve the world’s heritage?

16 Mar 2021
by Lucilla Ronai

Join Lucilla Ronai, a professional conservator, as she shares the 7 key steps to being a conservator and having a career in conservation!

Conservation (also known as art conservation and museum conservation) is a mixture of science, art and history. It requires you to get professional training and continually develop your skills and knowledge.

"Spoiler alert: Becoming a conservator isn’t easy, but it is an incredibly rewarding career. I hope you're ready to work hard and start your conservation journey!" -Lucilla


Lucilla Ronai

Lucilla Ronai

Book and Paper Conservator

Hi, I’m Lucilla, your YouTube Paper Conservator. Not conservationist! I repair and preserve material culture and artefacts, with a bit of science and a lot of laughing. I work with a wide range of objects, from paper, to books and photographs... and have been known to clean a helicopter or two. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for: Tips on saving your old family treasures and heirlooms; Reasons why sticky tape is the WORST; Behind the scenes look at galleries, libraries, archives and museums; and simple conservation tricks for you to try at home.