24 Mar 2022

Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund launch Ukraine crowdfunding campaign

Europa Nostra will distribute funds raised to support endangered cultural heritage organisations and individuals in Ukraine


Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund have just launched a joint crowdfunding campaign to support the defenders of Ukraine’s endangered heritage, those working in the cultural heritage world as well as those who have been rendered refugees in their escape from Russia’s brutal aggression. All donations will directly and immediately support these brave guardians of our shared history and humanity. All contributions, however big or small, are welcome and important, and can easily be made via the Global Heritage Fund website and the Europa Nostra website.

Today, the rich and diverse heritage in Ukraine is THE most endangered heritage in the whole of Europe. We therefore need to stand in solidarity with heritage defenders in Ukraine. We call upon every organisation and individual from across the globe, who care for culture, heritage and history, to contribute to our crowdfunding initiative, jointly launched by Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund. Together we can make a difference.

Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary General of Europa Nostra


Ukraine’s citizens have put themselves at great personal risk by defending archaeological sites, museums and churches, along with other symbols of their cultural identity. The danger to Ukraine’s living culture and history grows daily, decimating the livelihoods of so many who have dedicated their lives to pass Ukraine’s cultural legacy on to the next generations.

Ukraine’s history, heritage and collective memory face unprecedented attack and irreparable destruction. Alongside other international and European partners, Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund have joined their voices and forces to help ensure that Ukraine’s history will not be erased or rewritten. This includes providing emergency help for people working for museums, sites and cultural institutions in Ukraine. Each donor will stand with them, for the benefit of this rich, millennia-old multi-cultural legacy that’s 44 million people strong.

Europa Nostra will distribute funds raised to organisations and individuals in Ukraine, directly or through their members and partners in Poland, Romania or elsewhere in Europe. These funds will provide emergency assistance to heritage custodians that are trying to save endangered cultural treasures in Ukraine, as well as to displaced heritage professionals, inside of outside Ukraine, who are trying to escape violence and death.


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