Conservation in Action: New Icon Project in the works

Icon is developing a new advocacy project – and we need your help

02 Aug 2021

The Project 

Icon’s charitable object is to “advance the education of the public by research into and the promotion of the conservation of items and collections of cultural, aesthetic, historic and scientific value.” 

Last year, we launched the “Values of Conservation” research project, which identifies and articulates the values of cultural heritage conservation to society, and considers how we can better communicate them to audiences. 

Now it’s time to follow up and demonstrate these values through examples of Conservation in Action.  

What we want to achieve 

“Conservation in Action” stories are one of the most effective advocacy tools at our disposal, due to their power to captivate stakeholders, policy makers and those less familiar with our sector. 

Our aim is to increase the visibility of conservation and the conservation profession, so that everyone – members of the public, clients and policy-makers – will understand what you do and why it matters. With the new “Conservation in Action” project in the works, we call on conservators and heritage scientists to support this vital advocacy mission. While you encounter extraordinary objects every day, gaining an insight into what happens in the studio or on the workbench is a memorable and privileged experience that can convince even the most skeptical members of the public and decision-makers of the importance of conservation.  


4 Ways to get involved

  1. Share a project with us: email Geanina (Communications Officer) at [email protected] if you have a project you would like to share with the world. Don’t worry about the format - we can develop this together and we’re eager to see your creativity shine through. We are particularly interested in topic areas that are less represented on our website, like built heritage and sculptures. 

  2. Get tweeting: help us raise awareness of the great work conservators and heritage professionals do. Share your work on social media, tag us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and use the #ConservationInAction hashtag. We will take your projects and share them with our followers. 

  3. Share some snaps: pictures bring stories to life – help us improve the imagery we use with our website and social media content. We are refreshing our image bank and we welcome photographs of objects, studios, and people at work.  

  4. Have an idea? Suggest an idea for an advocacy activity or a specific campaign that you would like to work with us to deliver and promote. 

Get involved and help with our mission to promote conservation effectively and make it more widely understood and appreciated. Email [email protected] if you want to have a chat. 


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