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Icon Skills: Writing Persuasively for Conservators with Margaret Webster

A workshop to help you write persuasively and with purpose to non-specialists and fellow conservators alike.

This two-part workshop is designed to help conservators write clearly and persuasively, and optimise their proofreading and business writing skills.

Course 1 – Writing Clearly for Conservators - Wednesday 21st February, book HERE

Course 2 – Writing Persuasively for Conservators – Wednesday 28th February

‘Writing Persuasively for Conservators’ is designed specifically for expert conservators who need to write persuasively to fellow conservation experts and non-expert clients alike.

On the course, you will learn how to see past your own body of knowledge and consider how matters look to your audience. You’ll learn techniques for producing clear explanations without over-simplifying your message or patronising your reader.

Then, you will have the skills to make recommendations and share your knowledge with the people who need them.

You will learn about:

Working out what to say

  • Clarifying your purpose
  • Analysing your readers’ perspectives and needs
  • Identifying ‘curse of knowledge’ gaps between your own expertise and your reader’s understanding
  • Developing your message

Giving a professional opinion

  • Giving advice clearly
  • Explaining options thoroughly
  • Using technical terms appropriately
  • Handling contentious issues sensitively

Writing persuasively

  • Opening by capturing your audience’s attention
  • Using logical structures to make your argument
  • Closing with a compelling call-to-action

This course is for any conservator who has to write reports, presentations, evaluations and other complex documents.