Icon Skills: Writing Clearly for Conservators with Margaret Webster

Learn how to produce high-standard content through writing clearly, concisely and efficiently

This two-part workshop is designed to help conservators write clearly and persuasively, and optimise their proofreading and business writing skills.

Course 1 – Writing Clearly for Conservators – 21st February

Course 2 – Writing Persuasively for Conservators - 28th February, book HERE

Professionals who can write in plain English are highly valued by their clients and colleagues. People appreciate their clear, concise communications.

On ‘Writing Clearly for Conservators’, you will learn about the key principles underlying excellent business writing. You’ll discover how to adapt your writing style so it’s much easier to read and understand. And you’ll learn a game-changing proofreading technique so you can correct your own work efficiently.

You will learn about:

Readability - making your writing work for your readers

  • Skim-readable – using reader-friendly layout and descriptive sub-headings
  • Bite-sizeable – using short paragraphs and short sentences
  • Clear – using your audience’s language and simple words
  • Vivid – using mostly active voice and powerful verbs for actions
  • Concise – re-writing prepositional phrases and deleting unnecessary words

Proofreading - correcting your work so it’s free from typos and errors

  • A game-changing technique that will help you efficiently spot mistakes in your work
  • Microsoft’s tools which can make your proofreading significantly faster and better

This course is for any conservator who has to write reports, presentations, evaluations and other complex documents.