Icon Communications Task & Finish Group Roundtable

An online discussion to receive feedback from members in regards to current Board communication

From survey responses and more general feedback from members it has become clear that communication about the activities of the board is less visible than the actions themselves. This was also reflected in the Icon Governance Review in 2019. The Board wants to make sure that members are content with what and how the Board communicates with them and that members feel their views can reach the Board in the least complex way and be taken into account. The Icon Board Communications Task and Finish (T&F) Group was formed to look at how this can be improved and an effective communication can be created between all parties. This initiative also reflects guidance from the Charity Commission on good governance. 

Who are we?

The Icon Board Communication Task and Finish (T&F) Group was formed in August 2020, comprising people who represent a cross-section of member experiences (You can find out more here).

What are we doing?

So far our work has covered a broad range of topics some of which including:

  • the Board’s composition and its decision-making processes, 
  • the scope and “effectiveness” of Icon’s various communications tools, 
  • the value of Icon AGMs and Membership Surveys, the roles of the Office, the Groups and Networks, 
  • our charitable status and its ramifications,
  • the implementation of an updated Icon Communication Strategy. 

We have researched how similar organisations function and, by comparison, have tried to identify Icon’s strengths and weaknesses in this area. In doing so it has become clear that satisfactory two-way communications between the Board and members are not just about the scope of activity and what information is disseminated, but also about the quality, tone and range of relationships.

Why, when and how would we like to hear from you?

We are now seeking broader input from our main stakeholders- you as Icon members- and invite you to join us for an online round table discussion on Tuesday 13th April between 5.30-7.30pm. 

After a short introduction (5min) from the T&F Group Chair and its members, we will open up the discussion by asking questions around the following topics:

  • Your experience and feelings about the effectiveness of communications between Board and members, in both directions,
  • Icon’s strengths and weaknesses in Board-Member communications,
  • Improvement of two way communications to make Icon a suitably open, responsive and democratic organisation.

You are welcome to send us questions and comments in advance, during and after the meeting. Please email [email protected] or use Zoom chat during the meeting. 

How will your participation help and be used?

The Task and Finish Group findings and constructive suggestions, incorporating your comments, will be reported to the Board in June 2021. Board response and decisions will subsequently be reported to the membership via Icon News.